Talent is a mystery, and sometimes this mystery gets solved by pure chance. This is exactly what happened to Tatiana Corcoran, an artist from North Carolina. She had no idea that she’s an artist. Tatiana still thinks that it’s not a big deal to paint the way she does.

Pure chance is what brought us together in the first place. I played poker in one of those tournament poker clubs and met Tim Corcoran, a player who happened to be married to a Russian girl with the same name as mine – Tatiana. We couldn’t ignore such a weird coincidence, and as a result of it, we decided to arrange a meeting for two Tatianas of North Carolina. This was when I had the first chance to see some of Tatiana’s paintings.

“Are you an artist?” I asked, and she said “no”.

Portrait of Indonesian Girl created by an artist Tatiana Corcoran
Indonesian Girl. Tatiana Corcoran

Not an Artist

On a portrait made by an artist Tatiana Corcoran, you can see an Indonesian Girl staying in bright sunlight, smiling happily. The painting is so expressive that you feel the warmth of sunshine and excitement that girl radiates from the canvas. If I had some problems with the heater, I would just put this painting on the wall and be perfectly warm for the winter, maybe even the Russian winter.

Boy, she can paint! Yet none of her paintings may have been created, if not for Tim Corcoran, Tatiana’s husband. It was he who figured out that Tatiana has a gift, that she is, in fact, a natural-born artist.

Portrait of a wooman in red hat created by an artist Tatiana Corcoran
Woman in Red Hat. Tatiana Corcoran

Anyone can do this, right?

She’s always known her way around pencils and brushes. As a kid, she used to paint a lot in school, and people always seemed to like her pictures. Yet no one in Tatiana’s family thought it was a big deal (sound familiar?), so Tatiana forgot about painting. After her school graduation, she started doing what was necessary. Tatiana didn’t paint for thirty years.

Something had changed in 2008 when Tim Corcoran, Tatiana’s newly married husband, found Tatiana’s sketch, which she doodled and forgot somewhere around. A ballpoint pen portrait of a bystander was so good that Tim was staring at it, confused and perplexed, if not shocked.

“Is there something I don’t know about you?” he asked. ” Are you an artist?”

“What are you talking about,” Tatiana laughed. “Anyone can do that, right?”

Kids playing in the sand created by an artist Tatiana Corcoran
Kids playing in the sand. Tatiana Corcoran

Time to study

Tatiana Corcoran has a very natural talent. From one to ten, it would be ten. She can see things that an average person cannot see. She can paint someone’s face, and you would know that person’s soul.

Tim Corcoran

Tatiana’s husband insisted on her getting some proper education. Seeing her natural talent, he immediately decided to do something to help it open up. It didn’t take much time. After just four months she spent in Phoenix Arizona Community College taking a Life Drawing Class Tatiana started painting.

Four months is not much of schooling, but Tatiana’s painting impressed everyone from her teachers to her classmates. Her works of art were sent to a variety of Arizona art contests, and every time Tatiana Corcoran would get back with an award.

A Model. Tatiana Corcoran for Life Drawing Class

Her very first model was her friend’s little daughter. The painting was so good that it made the girl’s mother go crazy, and she insisted on buying it. This was a complete surprise for both of them, but mostly for an artist who had never before had a “client.”

Girl with Dog. Tatiana Corcoran

Colors and shadows

For several years a new artist Tatiana Corcoran continued painting, trying to figure out her artistic style and purpose. Meanwhile, her art kept shocking everyone around in a good way. Her mastery that a lot of professional artists would dream of having is part of it, but all her artworks possess a unique quality of pure nature. Every picture tells a story that is interesting to hear. Every painting has some contradictory and tantalizing aspects that make you keep looking at them over and over again. Even so, Tatiana still wouldn’t call herself as an actual artist.

Lions. Tatiana Corcoran

Dark times

In 2014 Tatiana got sick. Breast cancer was a wake-up call that forced Tatiana to revise and rethink everything in her life. Fighting the decease was a battle that took place inside. After refusing Conventional cancer treatments, she followed the nutritional Gerson Therapy for the next two years, and she spent three more years on getting her health back. During that time, she asked the questions which actually could have been answered only by her heart.

Woman reading to a dog. Tatiana Corcoran

Life is pure joy

After a long journey, Tatiana found her path to happiness and health. “We just have to go out there and make life, live life, and breathe life into others. It’s that simple! “. 

She became a vegan to be pure both in her body and mind. Tatiana has started using less toxic Water-Soluble Paints for her art. The idea of running a healthy lifestyle is the primary motivation for Tatiana today, both as an artist and a person. Nowadays, she’s working on a new art collection devoted to her vision of life. Tatiana hopes to help people to see the future the way she sees it.

Even so, answering my question, she still refuses to call herself an artist Tatiana Corcoran.

Reflection. Tatiana Corcoran

Silent revolution

Paintings can change the world,” Tatiana says and adds that changes start with every person. It may be something as small as buying groceries from a local organic store or as big as helping others to get through their dark times. Tatiana has been helping other cancer patients by sharing her experience and supporting them.

Her paintings can also help people to look at things (and sometimes themselves) differently, and just simply make people smile. This honesty that I see in every one of Tatiana’s painting is so unique and rare that makes her art stand out. To me, this is something big, huge even. Something that makes Tatiana Corcoran a Big Artist in every meaning of the word.

Two men on the beach. Tatiana Corcoran

All photos of paintings are placed with a permission of Tatiana Corcoran.

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  1. I am amazed by the talent of Tatiana Corcoran! I hope to see an exhibition of her paintings in the near future. I consider her a professional artist and a beautiful woman!

  2. Uh no….not everyone can do that. That is called incredible talent. I had no idea you possessed such talent. Amazing!

  3. Great article, great recovering story, a new star artist is born: please Tatiana Corcoran keep painting, really souls come out of the painting. Hope to see more of your works in the future.
    Thanks to Tatianthewriter for this beautiful article, very well written: brilliant and breathtaking.

  4. It’s a wonderful article. I know Tatiana Corcoran and she is definitely a very talented artist! And she has a great heart as well!

  5. She is an amazing artist. I am happy you have written about her story and shared her art with the world. Thank you. I admire everyone of her paintings.

  6. Tatiana,
    I am beyond impressed by your drawing abilities. In fact, I’m more than I pressed, I’m blown away. Beautiful work! I love it and would love to see more of your work. Please add me to your drawing FB page, if you have one. Your work is very warm, natural and inspiring. Looking forward to more!

  7. Very warm article, exactly like Tatiana Corcoran. She is really Sunshine! I’m so happy to meet her in my life, even such a strange way by internet… Even in a distance she helps me in different moments, she motivates to be strong, not to give up. “Don’t hope, you have to BELIEVE” she says. I think that everything happens in our lives not accidentally, and a friend like Tatiana is a really big gift! Thank you, darling!

  8. This is AMAZING!!! I am blown away by Tatiana’s art and heart. I happen to “know” her through some messages and fb as a cancer survivor. Her valuable help, advice and happy heart has been a huge blessing. True artist in every aspect of life!

  9. Wow, this article brought me emotions just thinking about what’s possible I can do with my brushes and paints now….and I am so ready to explore my ability to create something REALLY good.

    Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for all your kind words and encouragement! It means so much to me, and a very special thanks with the gratitude and appreciation to Tatiana Vedenska, a great writer who takes her time and let emotion built from a single seed of her storytelling. She always knows how to embrace the real side of human nature in her stories, and she creates something special.

    Many people ask me lately “what changed?” I no longer let my illness define me and I don’t let it consume me; instead, I enjoy what I like to do. Making my daily juices, having a few coffee breaks a week, eating healthy is just one thing I like. Helping others is one more thing I like. And now, since I am back to my brushes and paints, I would like to make my dream come true and create a few powerful paintings with a message -we all make our health choices, and Dr. Gerson’s life style will be a main subject in them. It seems like my disease was a powerful call for change, right?

    “One way to combat the gloom is to wake up each day and reflect on what you are grateful for. You can find at least one thing to appreciate each day”

  10. Lovely!! So very glad she was discovered, encouraged & living her life to the fullest. Clearly painting is what she was born to do!!!

  11. Sorry, by coffee breaks I meant to say ” Gerson style coffee breaks” which are more powerful for our health!!!!

  12. Tatiana’s paintings are amazing yes but more so seeing them in person. I feel fortunate to have stood in front of many and experiencing the Life they represent. She is so sweet and humble when it comes to her gift which makes it all the more heartwarming. Tatiana I am so so so glad you are painting again. XOXO

  13. What a lovely surprise to see the depth of your talent Tatiana Corcoran! You are quite prolific in captivating expressions and impressions. Even amongst the artist community, being able to capture an expression is a very special gifting. And as for you Tatiana, the writer, you too have a special talent and a voice that stands out! How very providential that the two of you met!

  14. art·ist
    a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.

    Yes Tati is definitely an artist, although very modest about it. Her talent is a gift to the world for everyone who sees it is blessed by its beauty. I continue to be in awe of her work. I’m so glad her sweet husband encouraged her to pursue and nurture this rare talent.

  15. This is so well written and interesting. Even if I didn’t know and love the artist subject you write about Tatiana, my interest would have been peeked. You had me at hello! 😉

  16. What an incredible emotion to see these beautiful paintings again, after being fortunate enough to have seen them in person! And how coincidental that you both share the same name, Tatiana.
    I looked up the meaning of that word, and one in particular struck me: one who is praiseworthy.
    How fitting for both of you, so special and talented in your own way! And what a blessing that your paths have crossed! If it is true that behind a great man there is always a great woman, nevertheless a woman always thrives with a supportive and loving man next to her. So cheers to you, my dear Tim and Tatiana, to the loving couple that you are, and the beautiful people that I am lucky to call friends.

  17. The world would stay still if we wouldn’t have people like Tanya! Talent is God given and in Tanya’s case God hit the bullseye. Everything she does in life she does it with infinite love and affection. Love you friend and please keep painting the better world for us!

  18. Through the Fuquay Arts Council I’ve had the privilege of watching Tatiana create several pieces of her art. I’ve watched as she started with a blank sheet of paper, arranged the articles of a still life, and then went about drawing then painting her work of art. Tatiana is an artist in every respect. She is capable with any medium, any topic with the finest of detail. I greatly admire her art which is of museum quality. Not only is Tatiana a very talented artist, she is a wonderful person.

  19. Таня,это потрясающе ! Ваш любовь к искусству и сила духа вдохновляют!больших вам успехов !

  20. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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