Author: Tatiana Vedenska

Tatiana Vedenska is a novelist, a journalist, and a linguist. She writes in Russian and English. More than 50 of her stories have been published in English and Russian. Currently, she lives in North Carolina (USA).

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Talent is a mystery, and sometimes this mystery gets solved by pure chance. This is exactly what happened to Tatiana Corcoran, an artist from North Carolina. She had no idea that she’s an artist. Tatiana still thinks that it’s not a big deal to paint the way she does. Pure chance is what brought us…

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Give me a break! I say NO. Big fat NO to self-isolation! Not today, Covid-19! I get to go somewhere. It feels so good to be out for the first time in a long time. Right now, I feel like I have wings behind my back. I have official permission – my “Pass Out” -…

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Investigative Journalist Mikhailova Investigative Journalist Mikhailova

If you are dreaming of a career as an Investigative Journalist you need to know that this job is not for everyone. To make sure that you, in fact, were born for this job, and do have what it takes, I’ve talked to a professional investigative journalist Anastasia Mikhailova. She’s been working for the biggest…

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Devils Tramping Ground Devils Tramping Ground

We didn’t plan to go to Devil’s Tramping Ground that day. I wasn’t even aware of such a supernatural place nearby. A mysterious ring where the objects disappear and animals act strangely? Are you kidding me? Sounds great! Craziness always starts with “Why don’t we…” Noon Saturday, I am in my bedroom trying to work,…

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It’s five in the morning when I hear her screaming again. She’s loud and furious, and throws things at her still not ex-boyfriend. She’s all emotional, and I guess that’s why she misses. A mug crashes into pieces on the driveway right next to her still not ex-boyfriends rusty old truck. The girl is barefoot,…

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